Frequently Asked Questions to Save You $$$!

Q: What should I do if my outlet doesn't have any power?

A: If the circuit is in a bathroom, kitchen or outdoors, check for any tripped GFCI plug (the little button in your outlet).  Sometimes the outdoor plugs are on the bathroom GFCI.  Then go check for any tripped circuit breakers.  If tripped, turn them off and then back on.

Q: My air conditioner isn't cooling correctly.  What should I check before I call you?

A: Check all circuit breakers and make sure the thermostat is in the correct mode and set at the desired temperature.  If the thermostat is battery powered, make sure you have good batteries in it. 

Q: My heat pump isn't working. What should I do?

A: Turn the thermostat to "E" heat.  This is emergency heat.  It will cost you more but it will heat the house until you can get it repaired. 


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